One on one psychotherapy and/or coaching are important pieces to your mental and emotional health. However, there is another very important way to continue to bolster your personal growth and move towards the life you are creating for yourself. Yes, I said, “creating for yourself.” Don’t live life from the sidelines, don’t live it by default, instead live it fully engaged, tweaking it and improving your daily joy level. Treat your life like a beautiful garden, tend to it, cultivate it, prune it, fertilize it, and create all of the special places inside the garden that you want and that will make you smile.

Workshops allow you to do just that, tend to your garden. Below is a list and description of workshops that I offer. These are just a few of many. Besides following me on my blog at or on Face Book at to stay tuned to where and when the next workshop is going to be, you are also welcome to contact me to design a full-day or half-day workshop for you and your organization, business, or church. Workshops really help participants be engaged and experience the energy of change and transformation. 

Walk a Deliberate PATH

Move Past Your Stuck Place with the Four A's of Change: Acceptance, Attitude, Action, Adjustment

Learn to reduce your anxiety and manage your stress. Learn to work with your depression. Learn to focus on what you want and create steps to achieve it Make 2020 count in meaningful ways.

Join Dr. Dilley Saturday Afternoon February 22,  from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the

Church of the Palms 14808 N. Boswell Blvd., Sun City AZ 85351

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Three ways to journal your cancer experience by Dr Robin Dilley, Psychologist, Coach  USA (see video below)


Dr Robin Dilley, pyschologist, coach, author and breast cancer thriver takes you through three ways to use journalling. 

Dr Robin explains the benefits of having a record, a confidant and a way to sort through feelings, all in a book or on paper.

Online consultation, workshops and inspiring workbooks

Three ways to

Check out the great video below

Signature workshop:

  Lesson’s from the Wizard of Oz

This story is so powerful that it takes a full day for you to explore making friends with your inner scarecrow, tin-man, and lion. Besides making friends with these three characters, this workshop explores Dorothy’s journey after she is hit on the head by the window of opportunity and what she learns from the trials and tribulations she encounters with the witch and the wizard. This workshop you can attend every time I offer it and receive something new and interesting that you didn’t notice before.


Lesson’s from the Miller’s Daughter

 This workshop explores the story of an ancient Grimm’s Fairy Tale helping you recover from trauma and betrayal in your life. This workshop teaches resilience, hope, and recreation of the life you choose. Pathway’s to Healing, Pathways to Change, and Pathways to Happiness These are three different workshops with a variant thread in each of them, but always includes a labyrinth walk as the key component in the workshop. 

Recharge and Vitalize

This workshop is a half day workshop focusing on the West African Folk-Tale: The Story of the Eagle. We learn from Tom and Turk how to take risks, become all of who we really are and call into our lives the teachers that can help us achieve our true nature. 


Walk a Deliberate Path

This workshop is an intention focused workshop that is often offered around the first of the year or close to a summer or winter equinox. This workshop helps you sort and sift through the many distractions of daily life and commitments, weeding out that which no longer serves you and allows you to simplify and renew the direction you want the next step to be. Again, this is a workshop you can attend over and over again because the agenda is tweaked and a bit different in each workshop. 


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