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 Besides a licensed psychologist, Dr. Dilley is also an ordained minister with Universal Life Church.

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What is a labyrinth and what does it mean to be an advanced Veriditas Labyrinth facilitator? 

A Labyrinth, seen here (11 circuit Chartres) is from the European Medieval-Gothic period, around 1215 AD. The 11 circuit Chartres, one of the best known and oldest of the documented Labyrinths is an archetype. An archetype is an original pattern birthed from the collective unconscious of humankind, originating in the brain and discovered across cultures. This ancient pattern in Chartres Cathedral was reportedly build as a prototype of the Christian Pilgrimage that Christians made annually to Jerusalem. History tells us the Pilgrimage became too dangerous for Pilgrims to travel, so this beautiful labyrinth was created in the center of the Cathedral to symbolize the journey. Still today, Pilgrims come to the Cathedral and walk one path into the center and the same path out again. This meditative and prayerful walk is a metaphor of the pilgrimage to the Holy Land and back.

Labyrinths like this one and others (below) have been discovered in many countries and traditions all over the world. Today, these symbols are re-emerging and are being built throughout the world as a spiritual and meditative tool for everyone to experience. There are no particular religious dogmas attached to the labyrinth. The labyrinth invites all people of all religions (or none) to come to the center with a contemplative meditative heart seeking peace and resolution to what concerns his/her heart. 


In 1999, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I used guided imagery with the image of a tiger devouring my mutant cells as one way to help the treatment process of chemotherapy and radiation. I continue to use the image of the tiger still today. However, when I was finished with medical treatment, I felt vulnerable and unsettled. I sought something more.

It was no coincidence that Trinity Episcopal Cathedral was dedicating their beautiful Chartres Style 11-Circuit Labyrinth on New Year’s Eve of 2000. I went to the dedication ceremony and made an internal commitment to walk the labyrinth once a week for the following year. Although I first heard about the labyrinth in the early nineties, it was during that year, I developed a love relationship with the labyrinth and have used it in many of my workshops and teachings since then.

As my practice transitioned, I decided to seek training and become an Advanced Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator. You can find out more about Veriditas at

I now offer multiple workshops that include Labyrinth walks as well as speak and teach about the labyrinth as a way of helping churches, organizations, medical facilities, schools and correctional facilities integrate the labyrinth into their healing paradigms for those they serve.

For my clients, I often send them to to find a labyrinth near them. I encourage clients to incorporate this practice of walking meditation as a method to help calm their anxiety, fear, and give them a sense of peace and direction.

I would love to introduce the labyrinth to you. For more information, please contact me at:

I am an Episcopalian with a diverse and rich background in many other traditions, such as Buddhism as a philosophy and Native American Earth practices. If you are feeling lost or disorientated on your path and want a safe conversation as to what your next step might be, do not hesitate to reach out for a session to explore your spirituality.

There are several Labyrinth styles besides the Chartres above. Another most familiar one is the Classical or seven-circuit Labyrinth like this one.

 A free 15 Minute phone consult to help you decide Click here.