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 How Dr. Dilley's experience can help you 

When the cancer bombshell is dropped on a person, a number of things happen almost simultaneously. Each can affect the patient and those who are close to them. 

One is the virtually inevitable sense of shock and the ensuing emotional roller coaster ride. Another is the delivery of a great deal of information by the doctor and being urged toward a course of action. Yet another is a flood of advice by well-meaning friends and family. Underneath it all is a pervasive sense of uncertainty. 

Since nothing is really black and white and few guarantees are offered, there can be an incredible amount of stress for all involved. This underlying tension can persist throughout the treatment. Dr. Robin Dilley, in sharing her story, provides a refreshing sense of relief in a number of ways:


  • She delivers hope. She is a cancer survivor and proves that cancer is not the death sentence it is often consciously or unconsciously perceived to be.
  • She brings comfort. When you see her inner thoughts and feelings you know those you are experiencing are natural and okay.
  • She avoids offering treatment advice; she simply relates how she arrived at the choices she made-which may assist you in making your own choices.
  • She shares what she learned of her partner's experience as the one who went along for the ride but was not in the driver's seat.
  • She gives solid, practical information on a number of unavoidable situations, like dealing with doctors, medical staff, and insurance companies.
  • She details non-medical support resources she employed that can help you and your loved ones in working through your journey.


Perhaps the most important thing Dr. Dilley learned is that the patient is the only one in charge of their medical care. Knowing this along with the perspective Dr. Dilley provides can smooth the road for anyone dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

When Dr. Dilley received her diagnosis she desperately sought a book like this one to help her through. None existed then. One does now.

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Dr. Robin B. Dilley

"Your words would have been great encouragement for me when I was facing cancer treatment, because sometimes I did just give in to treatment I really did not want to have. What fascinated me the most was your description of your vision quest..." Sue Wilkerson


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